ThermaFlex® is specially designed to friction fit between standard stud and joist spacings of 450mm and 600mm centres. It is easy and simple to install:

  1. Insert board flush against one side of the stud or joist, compress the other edge and ease the board into position.
  2. Should difficulty be encountered with non-standard stud and joist spacings, running a sharp knife down one of the longitudinal grooves can easily reduce the board width.
  3. ThermaFlex® eliminates wastage as the boards can be easily cut to length with a sharp knife or handsaw to fit between noggings. Off-cuts can be used for non-standard spacings.
  4. Where it is necessary to allow for electrical wiring or plumbing, holes can be easily cut into the board with a sharp knife.
  5. Electrical cables: All electrical cables must be prevented from physical contact with Thermaflex. Ensure all cables are isolated by wrapping the cable in polyester tape.
  6. If fitting around lights or other electrical fittings leave 150mm clearance.