ThermaFlex® provides a no-fuss instant fit solution to insulation problems in timber framed houses. ThermaFlex® is rigid, but specially grooved on both sides of its longitudinal edges so the sheet can be cut and squeezed to fit instantly between studs or joists, with no further fixing required.

Once in position, ThermaFlex® will not sag, bridge wall cavities and allow thermal losses as can happen with other forms of insulation.

ThermaFlex® provides a number of unique solutions for insulating walls, floors and ceilings that other insulating products are unable to achieve.

Made from expanded polystyrene, ThermaFlex® is unaffected by weather and provides protection to the internal linings that are often commenced before the external cladding is completed.

ThermaFlex® provides excellent insulation for structures that are to be clad in brick veneer, weatherboard or timber.