Feature Benefit
Insulation High thermal insulation delivers peak performance at any temperature.
Strength RMAX cold chain boxes have high compressive and flexural strength, dimensional stability and a high strength-to-weight ratio.
Shock absorption Barnes EPS has a high energy absorption index – ideal for protecting produce during transit.
Compressive resistance Designed so that weight is taken on the box not the contents, providing the ability to bulk stack in warehouses, saving floor space.
Environmentally sound Made from Barnes environmental EPS, boxes are 100% recyclable.
Testing Barnes regularly tests the boxes for strength in both static load and standard drop tests.
High thermal insulation Protects produce from sudden temperature change while still maintaining ‘Cool Chain’ requirements.
Low weight Reduces overall packaging weight providing savings in fuel consumption during transit. Less environmental impact.
Humidity resistance RMAX EPS is unaffected by humidity because it does not absorb water.
Nil chemical resistance Allows produce to be packed without fear of contamination.
Hygienic nature RMAX EPS is inert and meets food contact regulatory standards.