Isolite® is the only insulation, in itself or combined with conventional building materials that in practical, economic and efficiency terms can be applied to all areas of building construction.

It is a closed cell, resilient, lightweight rigid cellular plastics material produced in a range of densities 16kg/m3, 24kg/m3 and 28kg/m3

The main applications for products manufactured from Isolite® are thermal insulation systems (wall, roof and sub-floor), ceiling panels and other decorative surfaces, VoidForm® and block outs, pipe insulation, protective packaging, floatation and buoyancy applications, and stage sets.

Isolite® is infiltration resistant, mildew resistant, does not support bacteria and will not rot or decay. It has no nutrient value for insects or vermin. It has zero capillary action, a low water absorption rate, a moderate permeability to the passage of water vapour, ensuring that vapour dams and condensation problems are minimised.

Isolite® is light and easy to handle, self-supporting, offers non-settling stability, is odourless and non-allergenic.