Growing Tubers, Flowers or other crops in containers rather than in the ground has significant advantages that can lead to a greater return on your investment:

  • Growing time in the greenhouse can be reduced by pre germinating tubers in their trays and only moving into the greenhouse once emergence has occurred.
  • Similarly the crop can be moved out of the greenhouse once flowering has occurred if climatic conditions are suitable. Another crop can be moved into the greenhouse earlier thus improving the overall return on the greenhouse area.
  • Planting at a far greater density is possible.
  • Potential for contamination from soil borne disease is reduced.
  • The control and isolation of any disease within the crop is easier.
  • Planting and lifting of tubers can be at bench height eliminating bending and stooping.
  • If growing outdoors planting etc can be done indoors under cover thus reducing dependence on the weather.
  • Weeding is virtually eliminated.
  • Through the use of artificial media there is greater control over factors such as soil sterility, nutrition, pH, and physical characteristics such as air, nutrient and water holding capacities thus allowing optimisation of growth and productivity.