Unique Properties

The Unique Properties of EPS

• EPS is able to absorb vast energy, making it the ideal material to be used for impact protection. Bicycle helmets, child car seats, aquaculture, agriculture, white goods and computer packaging are just some examples of the range of applications where the excellent energy absorbing characteristics of EPS are utilized.

• EPS has a high capacity for thermal insulation, making it the ideal product for the transportation of seafood and temperature sensitive medicines not to mention its use as a thermal insulator in the building and construction industry.

• EPS is light weight so it is ideal for any application where weight is a consideration. It reduces the use and cost of fuel when used for protective packaging of products being transported from their source to the consumer.

• EPS is unaffected by humidity as it does not absorb water or water vapour. EPS is inert and meets all food contact regulatory standards making it the ideal to package food or pharmaceutical products.