The unique features of expanded polystyrene - it’s thermal performance and shock absorption properties plus it’s ease in moulding to specific shapes - make it an ideal material to use in a multitude of applications and products.

It’s shock absorption properties are used to protect delicate fruits and electronic appliances as well as human bodies in child car seats. bicycle and equestrian helmets.

It’s thermal properties are used in insulation such as jackets for boiling water units.

The simplicity of moulding mean it can be shaped to specific products or components.

Barnes have 40 years of experience in designing and moulding EPS packaging and products. We offer personal attention and full design service to produce the right solution for your products

Barnes service will include design if required, preparation of a mock up or prototype and a quotation for both the product plus the necessary tooling.

All aspects of the tool design and construction will be handled by Barnes skilled staff.